3 Signs That You Have A Dental Abscess

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A dental abscess occurs when a tooth is infected. Oftentimes there are symptoms that clearly define this condition. However, sometimes the signs may be dormant, which is why you should be visiting our Napa, California dentist for regular check-ups. When we take periodic x-rays, we can spot certain issues like dental abscesses.

Signs and Symptoms of a Dental Abscess

Between visits, if you ever experience any of these symptoms you should contact our dentist immediately before your condition turns into a true dental emergency.

Severe Pain: Having severe and unprovoked pain that lingers or wakes you up from a night of sleep is a sign that you likely have an abscess.

Temperature Sensitivity: Experiencing discomfort when certain temperatures touch your tooth. For instance, cold sensitivity normally means that you have a cavity or something minor, but hot temperature discomfort is almost always indicative of an abscess.

There’s a Pimple on Your Gums: A visible pimple-like knot on your gum is called a fistula. Fistulas often have a small hole in them, which allows the infection to drain from your tooth. Most people that have a fistula present experience little pain, if any at all. However, you may notice puss coming from your mouth, have an unpleasant taste in your mouth or be experiencing bad breath.

Diagnosing Your Dental Abscess

When you call our Napa, CA dentist, we’ll get you in right away to assess your condition and get you treated. When dealing with an abscess, time is of the essence and can make the difference between a mild infection and a life-threatening illness. Alora Dentistry has you back and is ready to help with whatever your smile needs are!

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