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Emergency Dentistry

Accidents happen. All parts of your body are subject to injury from time to time, including your teeth. When it comes to urgent dental problems in Napa Valley, you can trust Alora Dentistry to help. We have a skilled team of dental professionals who understand the importance of prompt and superior dental care when it comes to emergency dentistry. We serve patients of all ages with a full menu of dental services at one location. Therefore, regardless of the type or severity of your dental concern, we are confident we can handle it.

Dental emergencies can vary widely. While some involve sudden or extreme tooth pain, others produce significant threats to your smile appearance or dental function. Regardless of your level of discomfort, we want to know about your dental problems as soon as possible. By addressing tooth pain and damage early, we can often help patients avoid worsening pain and more costly treatments down the road.

Urgent Dental Care

While you may be tempted to go to an emergency room for you or your child’s dental emergency, we urge patients to consider a dentist for mouth-related injuries. At Alora Dentistry, we are equipped to offer advanced treatments that restore the health, function and aesthetics of your smile. From replacing a loose crown to providing a custom dental implant, all of your smile needs can be addressed at our Napa Valley office.

Tooth pain and dental accidents don’t always follow a predictable schedule, and we want to be available when you need us most. That’s why we offer extended hours on the weekdays, Saturday visits and same day appointments. We reserve time in our daily schedules to treat urgent dental problems such as the following:

  • Toothache
  • Avulsed or knocked out tooth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Abscess
  • Lost filling
  • Lost crown

Dental emergencies can certainly bring a heightened level of patient anxiety. Therefore, we go to great lengths to ease your fears and help you feel comfortable during an emergency dental appointment. Our office offers soothing amenities, including heated neck pillows and headphones, as well as sedation dentistry to help you fully relax. Furthermore, our advanced dental technology and techniques allow us to restore your smile in the most painless way possible.

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Pamela H.

Very professional staff. My scheduled appointments are always on time and I feel well cared for at each appointment.

Candace H.

We highly recommend Dr. Mandy and her team. They are the nicest, most professional people and make being at the Dentist not so bad.

Angelica C.

The atmosphere in Alora Dentistry is inviting and warm. I highly recommend discovering and coming to Napa's best dental office. You won't regret a single moment spent here or with their quality dental work they do.