5 Tips for A Successful First Dental Visit for Your Child

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Children in the Napa, California area need to visit the dentist as early as a couple of years old (by 4 at the latest.) Starting at a young age will help to build a positive relationship between your child and the dentist, plus help set them up for a healthier smile in the future.

Preparing your little one for their first dental appointment is the key to having pleasant visits in the future!

  1. Schedule the Appointment Several Days In Advance

Scheduling several days ahead of time will give you time to talk with your child and prepare them for their visit, rather than waiting until there’s a painful problem like a toothache.

  1. Practice At Home

Brush your child’s teeth and explain that this is what your new friends at the dentist’s office will be doing.

  1. Take A Friend Along

New things are always easier to take on when you have a buddy to do it with you. If your child is close to someone around the same age, then schedule them an appointment together. If this isn’t possible, and your child seems very apprehensive about going, you could offer to do it with them. When you go first, they will see how easy and fun it is to get their teeth cleaned at the dentist.

  1. Stay Positive

Don’t let your own anxiety take over, because it’ll make your child even more nervous. Some children won’t even open their mouths on their first visit, and that’s OKAY. We’ll just try again next time. We don’t want to force your child into anything, so don’t get angry or upset if they don’t cooperate the first time.

Children’s Dentist in Napa, California

The family dentists at Alora Dentistry in Napa, California love to take care of patients of all ages. To schedule your child’s first dental visit, give us a call today!

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