Dental Crowns

When healthy, your teeth have the ability to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many of us face situations of dental damage that require repairs. Dental crowns are one of the most popular treatments in general dentistry. They can easily restore a badly decayed or damaged tooth. When the structure of a tooth is too compromised to be fixed with a filling or bonding, a custom crown is often recommended. At our Napa Valley dentist office, we offer beautiful dental crowns that are fabricated for ideal comfort and durability.

Restore Cracked or Damaged Teeth

Whether you’ve got a large area of decay or suffered a dental-related trauma, if the structures of your tooth become cracked or damaged, there can be serious consequences within your oral health. To protect its integrity and health going forward, a crown can be placed on the affected tooth. A dental crown can be considered a dental cap for a damaged tooth, as it covers all visible surfaces. At Alora Dentistry, we offer a variety of materials for custom crowns, including porcelain crowns. Dental damage can happen at any stage of life, so our dentists are qualified to place custom crowns for kids, teens and adults when needed. Our goal is to help patients regain the healthy and confident smile they deserve.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

There are times in which tooth damage may be too extensive for a dental filling but not large enough to warrant a dental crown. In such cases, a dental inlay or onlay can be used. These are special restorations that act much like a dental filling, but they offer more substantial coverage for the chewing surfaces of back teeth. While an inlay fits inside the tooth cusps, an onlay provides protection that extends beyond the cusps of the affected tooth. After carefully evaluating your tooth damage, our Napa Valley dental team will give you an accurate explanation of which dental restoration you need and discuss the procedure in detail.

At Alora Dentistry, we are serious about caring for your smile. That’s why we pursue the latest materials, technology and techniques available to restore your teeth when they suffer damage. To learn more about our beautiful crowns, inlays or onlays, please contact us today.


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