The Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

picnic basket on blue cloth in the garden

Unless you are a baby or aging adult who is unable to feed yourself, you are in charge of what you put in your mouth to eat. When it comes to food and drinks, the options are quite expansive for most Americans. While we often choose food based on cravings and taste, it’s purpose of […]

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Sleep Bruxism: Signs You are Suffering

woman woke up lack of sleep

While it is easy to recognize the bad habits you perform during the day, it can be quite challenging to identify the habits that happen at night while you sleep. Not all sleep habits are harmful to your body, but bruxism is a common nighttime habit that can wreak havoc on your smile. What is […]

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Forgetting Fluoride?

It is no surprise that Americans have trended towards a diet that is heavy in sugary and highly-processed foods. What makes matters even worse for your teeth, however, is the simultaneous trend of drinking bottled water over tap water. While any type of water is better for your dental health compared to sodas, juices or […]

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Your Smile Deserves a Spring Cleaning Too!

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Whether you decide to clean out the garage or declutter your closet, it’s that time of year for spring cleaning chores. However, as you give your house a lighter, fresher feel, why not do the same for your teeth? Your smile deserves a spring cleaning too! At Alora Dentistry, we’ve found that springtime is the […]

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Yes, Dental Care Can Be Relaxing!

A dentist and a patient with a sedation mask on her face.

When you think about relaxing moments, you probably think about listening to the waves of the ocean, lying under a fluffy blanket or listening to soft music. Rarely do people associate going to the dentist with being relaxed – or even comfortable. However, sedation dentistry can change this. Do you tense up at the thought […]

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Protecting Your Porcelain Veneers

Cheerful beautiful blond-haired woman with showing perfect white teeth in her smile.

If you have recently invested in a smile makeover using porcelain veneers, you are likely feeling elated at the dazzling look of your brand-new smile. While dental veneers are an excellent way to cover your smile imperfections and boost your self-confidence, they are not invincible. Knowing how to protect your cosmetic dentistry investment is important. […]

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Dental Implants: A Lifetime Return on Your Investment

A satisfied mman in a dental chair looking at his restored smile in a mirror and a dentist giving post-treatment instructions.

Your smile is one of your most prized possessions. When a tooth becomes too damaged to be saved or falls out during an accidental trauma, it can be devastating. Fortunately, you’ve got options when it comes to tooth replacement. However, while many dental procedures are a temporary fix, only dental implants offer a lifetime solution. […]

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What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dental Patient in Chair Napa Valley, CA

When a patient needs dental work, it most often involves just one or two teeth. However, there are times when it is necessary to rebuild an entire smile. Whether your smile is compromised due to severe decay, tooth damage, missing teeth or a combination of factors, you may qualify for a full mouth reconstruction. This […]

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Why Composite Fillings are Preferred by Patient and Dentist

Woman with White Teeth Smiling

Need to have a cavity filled? Before you book your appointment, you may want to verify that your dentist offers composite (or white) fillings. Composite resin is the latest and most preferred option in filling material. Unlike its past amalgam (silver filling) counterpart, white fillings are natural-looking and minimally-invasive restorations that are bonded directly to […]

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Do You Qualify for Short Term Braces?

Woman Smiling After Dental Veneers Napa CA

Do you wish you had a straighter smile yet dread the look and time in traditional braces? Alora Dentistry gives adults a favorable alternative using the latest in orthodontics. We proudly offer Six Month Smiles, an advanced system that can straighten your smile in much less time and without metal brackets. Six Month Smiles is […]

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