Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

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Given the connection between oral and overall health, dentists are devoting more time to patient education and awareness. As such, there is a greater emphasis on the role of oral care in the health of an individual. This has contributed to a more holistic approach to dentistry, but it’s not only about not placing mercury fillings, as some would assume. Holistic dentistry focuses on understanding why an individual is predisposed to certain dental conditions and how the body interconnects. Thus, while procedures and techniques are similar in some cases, Dental Care Network explains that a holistic dentist might incorporate other treatments such as naturopathy or acupuncture to enhance patient care and experience.

To provide an example, consider a patient that is pregnant. While a holistic dentist performs routine dental care and examinations, he or she might also advise on how changes in oral health during pregnancy could lead to premature birth or low birth weight. In turn, they will provide insight into environmental and nutritional aspects during pregnancy, and how these affect oral health. When specific treatments are necessary, such as a dental filling, a holistic dentist will always opt for biocompatible materials over amalgam.

Aside from using non-toxic restorative materials, holistic dentistry centers on preventing infections and promoting the relationship between the teeth, jaw, head and neck. From diagnostic measures to the treatment itself, a holistic dentist assumes the least invasive approach in all circumstances. Without question, the multidisciplinary nature of holistic dentistry means that patients will receive personalized care that considers their overall wellness.

Conservative Dental Care in Napa Valley

At Alora Dentistry, our team understands that regular dental checkups are part of a unique preventive dental care plan that considers both oral and overall health. Our modern dental practice has embraced conservative dental care, allowing patients to take an active part in customizing their treatment plan. In turn, we work with patients on developing treatment strategies that are safe and natural.

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