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Given the perfect storm of bacteria, acid, food debris and saliva, a sticky substance called plaque clings to the surfaces of teeth, slowly dissolving their enamel and leading to tooth decay and the formation of a cavity. More than ever, dental professionals are devoting time educating patients about the lifelong impact of tooth decay, gum disease and cavities, as they affect both oral and overall health. When it comes to cavity prevention, WebMD offers the following tips:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice each day, preferably after meals and at the end of each day. Make sure that your toothpaste contains fluoride!
  • Use dental floss to clean between your teeth daily. If you are not comfortable with traditional floss, use interdental cleaners.
  • Rinse each day with a mouthwash containing fluoride.
  • Try to eat a balanced diet or nutritious foods and limit snacks, particularly carbohydrates in the form of candy, pretzels and chips. These foods tend to stick to the surfaces of teeth and cause plaque buildup.
  • Inquire with your dentist about using supplemental fluoride to strengthen your teeth.
  • Ask your dentist if dental sealants are an option to help protect the biting surfaces and crevices of your teeth from decay.
  • Drink water that contains fluoride
  • Commit to regular dental visits and professional cleanings.

While the above-mentioned tips might seem simple, they are powerful agents against cavity prevention when coupled with regular dental examinations. What’s more, a comprehensive evaluation provides pertinent information to a dentist regarding a patient’s risk level for developing cavities. Not only does this empower and motivate patients, it helps them take a more specific and effective approach to improving their oral health.

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