Dental Veneers: A Versatile Solution For Your Smile

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As one of the most versatile solutions to restore one’s smile, veneers fix a number of dental and cosmetic concerns. For instance, suppose your teeth have become discolored due to oral medications, or perhaps they have become worn down over time. On the other hand, maybe your teeth are misaligned, irregularly shaped or chipped. Whatever the case, the unique design of dental veneers make it easy to improve one’s appearance, making them a valuable alternative for patients looking to enhance their smile.

Though porcelain is a commonly used material for veneers, and is best at mimicking the properties of natural teeth, it’s important to understand that dental veneers can also be made from resin composite. Thus, for patients seeking to restore the appearance of their smile, it’s always best to seek the expertise of an experienced cosmetic dentist.

WebMD describes the diagnostic process and treatment planning involved in getting dental veneers, which is usually a 3-step process. During the first visit, the cosmetic dentist will discuss goals for treatment with the patient, and may perform x-rays or a dental impression of the patient’s mouth and teeth. If dental veneers are deemed appropriate for the patient, preparation for treatment begins. This process involves removing a tiny portion of tooth enamel, and creating a model for a customized veneer that will later be bonded to the front surfaces of teeth.

As the veneer is bonded to the tooth’s surface, dentists can adjust the color of cement used, as well as trim the veneer, creating the look desired by the patient. Once placed, a special light is used to activate chemicals in the cement. This causes the cement to harden quickly, although final adjustments to the veneer can still be made.

It’s true that the process of placing dental veneers is straightforward and conservative. Yet, their overall appeal is great, making them a highly sought after solution for a growing number of patients.

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