Dentures in Napa, CA: Facts about False Teeth

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Before jumping through a particular decision, it is vital for a person to take everything into consideration. For example, is it better to settle on over the counter teeth whitening products or professional whitening systems? Is it better to pick clear aligners over braces? Before giving the verdict, a person must know everything first. And when it comes to dental restorations, it is best to understand each before giving it a go since there are several options available nowadays.

To help patients in Napa, CA decide, we at Alora Dentistry prepared a list of facts about dentures. Hopefully, this will help anyone who is looking for the most favorable solution. Read on below!


Denture Facts

  • Compared to the conventional option, newer dentures are now natural-looking. Due to this, other people may not even distinguish the prosthesis among real teeth.
  • Despite the durability of modern dentures, it is possible for the appliance to wear down or break over time. It is especially true to people who do not observe the proper aftercare practices.
  • When getting dentures, it is best to let the dentist know about any taken medications. Certain types of medicine can cause the mouth to dry up which is not suitable for the oral appliance.
  • For misfitting dentures, there are adhesives available, but it is still advised to let the dentist address the issue. A poorly-fitting dental appliance can cause discomfort and irritations due to repeated use.
  • Dentures are long-lasting, but they do not last forever. It is advisable to practice proper hygiene and care at home, as well as schedule regular appointments to maintain the excellent state of the prostheses.
  • Is there a portion in the denture that pokes the cheek or gums? Patients should never attempt to take denture matters into their own hands. Instead of fixing the problem, it is possible to cause the appliance more damage.
  • Dentures do not have a long-lasting effect on one’s speech. As soon as the patient’s mouth adjusts, lisps and difficulty in pronouncing certain words will disappear.
  • With a perfectly fitting denture, it is possible for a patient to eat the foods they love without much restrictions unlike what most people think.


If you already made up your mind in getting Dentures in Napa, CA, we at Alora Dentistry got it covered! Our practice is sure to provide an ideal second chance to your smiles.

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