Five Benefits of Using a Family Dentist

Are you new to the Napa area and looking for a dentist? If there are multiple ages and stages of life living in your household, you should consider a family dentist. While many parents assume that their children need to see a pediatric dentist, while they go to a cosmetic or restorative practice, a family dental office can often be the best choice – for many reasons.

Here are 5 valued benefits of using the same dentist for every member of your family:

Convenient Scheduling for the Entire Family

We know how difficult it is to work your dental checkup in around your son’s baseball game, or your daughter’s filling so that it won’t interfere with an upcoming dance recital. At Alora Dentistry, we understand your family dynamics and obligations. As such, our scheduling coordinators can help you find a time for your appointment when it’s convenient to your calendar.

Everything from Pediatrics to Cosmetic Dentistry in One Location

Our family dentists are well versed in everything from seeing small children to performing complex smile makeovers. With years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. Most of your treatments can be completed here, so that you don’t have to visit an expensive specialist across town.

Someone Who Relates to You Personally

A family dentist should be someone who recognizes you and remembers everything that makes you unique. This close bond allows you to work together to plan for treatments that fit your personal priorities and concerns.

A Dentist to Grow With

Children benefit from seeing their parents experience dental checkups. When they grow up in the same, positive atmosphere, it can help to instill an enjoyable outlook on the dental care experience as they grow into adults.

Knowing Your Family Genes

Did you know that there are several dental traits that are inherited from your parents? This could be anything from a front tooth gap to a vulnerability for gum disease. Your parents may even pass down their tendency for thin tooth enamel, which means you may also be susceptible to cavities and sensitivity. A family dentist is better prepared to handle your “dental genes” if they’ve already treated them in your mother, father, sister or brother.

Want a family dentist who knows your smile as well as your child’s smile? Call Alora Dentistry today. Our Napa dental practice is accepting new patients of all ages.

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