Fixing Your Front Tooth Gap

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There are many celebrities that have embraced their front tooth gap. However that doesn’t mean you have to live with yours. In fact, many patients turn to the help of cosmetic dentistry to correct the unsightly or distracting space that exists between their top front teeth. Closing a single tooth gap may be easier and more affordable than you may think.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Treatment

When it comes to fixing a front tooth gap, not every patient will benefit from the same treatment approach. To determine which solution is best for you, a cosmetic dentist will consider the following important factors:

  • Size of the gap
  • Condition of the adjacent teeth
  • Presence of other alignment issues
  • Missing teeth
  • Reason for the gap

Options to Close the Gap

Depending on these elements related to your specific tooth gap, a skilled cosmetic dentist can recommend a permanent solution to close the gap and restore a natural, beautiful appearance to your smile. It may be as quick and simple as bonding the front teeth to build up their sides and narrow the open space. Many times, two porcelain veneers can be placed on the teeth to hide the gapped imperfection. In other cases, it could involve a dental implant to replace missing tooth or short-term orthodontics to shift the top teeth into a more attractive position.

Do you find yourself closing your lips in pictures or covering your mouth when you laugh because of a gap between your two front teeth? Call Alora Dentistry. We will carefully consider your concerns and recommend the best treatment option to help you regain a confident smile.

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