Is Your Stress Impacting Your Oral Health?

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In today’s world, stress is nearly unavoidable. We know that, if not managed properly, stress can take its toll on the entire body. While you may be familiar with how stress affects your stomach, your heart or even your skin, you may not realize that chronic stress can also threaten your oral health. In fact, when it comes to the mouth, the consequences of stress can be quite serious.

How do you know if your stress levels are sabotaging your dental health? Here are some oral health issues that are commonly associated with stress:

Gum Disease and Cavities

When we stay in a tense or stressful state, we tend to let healthy eating go by the wayside and neglect our oral hygiene routine. The combination of sugary and carb-rich foods and not brushing and flossing can be a quick recipe for tooth decay and gum disease.

Stress can also impact your immune system, which can make you even more vulnerable to periodontal infection. The risks of gum disease are serious; so if you notice red, puffy or bleeding gums, make time to see your dentist despite your stressful agenda.

Mouth Sores

A common way that stress presents itself inside the mouth is with mouth sores, Again, this can be a consequence of a compromised immune system when the body is under chronic tension. Canker sores typically develop when the body fails to fight off bacteria or viruses.

Fever blisters are another type of oral sore caused by the herpes simplex virus. However, these unsightly blisters are also known to emerge during times of emotional upset or stress.

Worn Teeth and Harmful Oral Habits

What do you do when you get stressed or anxious? Whether subconscious or not, many people engage in oral habits like teeth grinding, teeth clenching, nail biting, ice chomping or pencil chewing when they are under stress. These habits, however, can wreak havoc on your smile and lead to costly tooth damage or jaw problems.

For the sake of your body and your smile health, do your best to manage the stress in your life. This can include daily exercise, counseling, better sleep habits or other lifestyle changes. If stress has already compromised your dental health, let Alora Dentistry help. Book your visit at our Napa office today.

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