One Simple Change for a Beautiful Smile

Water in a Glass With Fruit

Isn’t it nice when you can make one simple change and reap huge benefits from it? This can be as simple as replacing a burnt-out light bulb to brighten a room automatically. Or, it can be choosing to bite your tongue instead of engaging in a petty argument – avoiding a major blowup with someone you love. Some “simple changes” are easier to implement than others, but the effort is often worth the reward.

One simple change that you can make right now for a more beautiful smile is to change what you drink. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately half of adults in the United States consume sugary beverages daily. Young children and teens drink even more sugary beverages than adults, with ten percent having three or more per day.

The most popular sugary drinks include soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, and alcohol. Soft drinks are the most popular choice, and they have been linked to numerous health problems, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

“I drink diet soda,” you may say. Well, diet soft drinks are bad for your teeth, too. All soft drinks have multiple acids and low pH values. Just like regular sodas, diet soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid – all of which can damage your teeth. The acids from soft drinks, fruit juice, and alcohol can remain on your teeth, attacking the tooth enamel for up around 20 minutes after your last sip. Acids are what cause holes in the tooth enamel, known as cavities. Over time, the repeated consumption of acidic beverages weakens the tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay.

One Simple Change

The best way to prevent damage to your teeth is to stop drinking sugary and acidic beverages. Of course, this does not mean that you can never indulge in a delicious drink – it just means that it should be infrequent. Choosing water as your beverage of choice is the simplest, cheapest, and most beneficial change you can make. In fact, making water your choice of beverage will provide significant benefits to your entire body.

Water is the source of life, with no harmful ingredients or adverse side effects. At Alora Dentistry, we encourage you to reach for a glass of water when you are thirsty. Your smile will thank you.

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