Six Month Smiles: Three Incredible Hacks in Napa, CA

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Wearing orthodontic braces to straighten the smile is better. But opting for a clear and tooth-colored type of braces to preserve the aesthetics of the teeth and the appearance of the wearer is best!

Alora Dentistry introduced the modern way of perfecting the smile through the treatment called Six Month Smiles. Using only less visible brackets and wires, patients can be rest assured that the orthodontic appliance will not dull their smile’s sparkle! Gone were the days when aligning and correcting teeth issues are only possible with the use of unsightly metals. Today, as the advancement in dentistry continues to progress, a more discreet alternative is readily made available for patients.

If there is one great thing about Six Month Smiles treatment, it’s the fact that it allows the patient to achieve their dream smiles in a lesser time since it only targets the teeth that are highly visible when smiling. Who would not jump in excitement to the idea of owning a celebrity-like smile in six months time? Well, it’s ideal side doesn’t end just like that. Aside from rendering fewer and speedy appointments, the procedure is also more affordable. After all, one doesn’t have to be a millionaire to attain a new, beautiful smile!

Six Month Smiles Tips

Convinced with the treatment so far? Here are the following Six Month Smiles hacks to make the journey to a new smile smooth and hassle-free.

  • Cleaning the teeth is necessary when wearing any types of orthodontic braces. It will get rid of the food debris that might be stuck in the colorless brackets and wires. Also, it will help avoid harmful plaques and bacterias from springing to protect the mouth from producing bad breath and generating gum disease.
  • Flossing might be challenging when wearing braces. However, this is an essential dental care routine that should not be taken for granted. Doing this is still possible with the use of a water flosser instead of the thread floss for convenience.
  • The dentist often recommends rubber bands for the braces. Make sure to wear them all the time as it makes the treatment progress faster.

Note that most orthodontic braces treatment including Six Month Smiles requires an adjustment of the dental appliance at the dental office. Do not miss out on the weekly or monthly orthodontic appointment for a successful result.

Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Alora Dentistry and check out our Six Month Smiles Treatment in Napa, CA. We are located at 917 Trancas Street, Suite A Napa, CA 94558.

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