Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth pain is difficult to ignore. Not only can dental pain limit your eating comfort, it can also be severe enough to disrupt your ability to sleep or even concentrate. We never want you to dismiss tooth pain. In fact, we want to see you promptly if you are experiencing dental discomfort of any kind. This is whether it is a sudden toothache or progressive jaw discomfort. We have a highly skilled dental team that is trained in all facets of general dentistry. Therefore, regardless of what is causing your tooth pain, our Napa Valley Dentist can bring you the long-term relief you need.

Alora Dentistry treats patients of all ages in a warm, soothing office environment. We know that seeing a dentist for tooth pain is not how you’d choose to spend your day. However, you can trust that we will go above and beyond to make your visit as efficient and painless as possible. We provide modern amenities, sedation dentistry and cutting-edge dental technology to create a rewarding experience. Whether your tooth pain is a result of decay, gum disease, trauma or other issues, you can trust us to provide a timely solution to restore the comfort and health of your smile.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be just as disruptive as tooth pain. The health of your jaw is necessary in order to support your teeth and allow your mouth to open and close. Unfortunately, we often take our jaw function for granted until we experience pain. Most types of jaw pain can be traced back to strain, trauma or dysfunction within the jaw joint and its surrounding muscles, nerves and tissues. If you have poor dental habits such as teeth grinding, nail biting or teeth clenching, you may be more susceptible to jaw pain.

At Alora Dentistry, we believe that all patients deserve a comfortable smile. If jaw pain is making it difficult for you to chew or speak, we can help. Our dentists bring extensive training and experience in treating jaw pain and other associated symptoms of TMD. After an accurate diagnosis, we will explain your treatment options. Treatments could range from orthodontic correction for bite misalignment to wearing a custom nightguard for teeth grinding.

Do you need relief for your tooth pain or jaw pain in Napa Valley? Contact Alora Dentistry. We are a family-centered practice that delivers superior, patient-centered care.


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Very professional staff. My scheduled appointments are always on time and I feel well cared for at each appointment.

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We highly recommend Dr. Mandy and her team. They are the nicest, most professional people and make being at the Dentist not so bad.

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The atmosphere in Alora Dentistry is inviting and warm. I highly recommend discovering and coming to Napa's best dental office. You won't regret a single moment spent here or with their quality dental work they do.