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Do you feel severely uncomfortable whenever the dentist takes impressions of your teeth? It might be due to a bad gag reflex! Gagging is never a fun thing, especially while undergoing dental procedures. It can hinder you from receiving the necessary treatments and can even complicate the dentist’s job.

Luckily, here at Alora Dentistry, patients who are suffering from this bothersome condition can still avail of the different dental treatments that we offer without sacrificing their comfort! We are proud to introduce our Special Needs Dentistry service that is designed to cater to patients with unique needs. Those with dental phobia, severe gag reflex, sleep apnea, and disabilities can feel entirely at ease with the help of our minimally-invasive techniques and sedation dentistry. Moreover, we also would like to help our patients overcome bad gag reflex in any way that we can. With that said, here are some tips:

  • It might sound like a weird activity but try making a fist using your left hand with thumb kept closed. According to a study conducted way back in 2008, gripping the left thumb in a tight fist soothes bad gag reflex quickly.
  • One simple way of combating the issue is by breathing through the nose. If your nasal passages are congested, consider taking medications beforehand.
  • The “Hegu point” or the fleshy part of the palm plays a role in tolerating the discomfort brought by dental procedures according to some researchers. You may try applying pressure unto it.
  • If possible, schedule your dental visit in the late afternoon instead of morning. A bad gag reflex is usually prevalent during the early part of the day.


The Best Solution: Sedation Dentistry

In any dental discomforts, like a bad gag reflex, the ideal solution that we can recommend is Sedation Dentistry. It is a particular service that ensures the patient’s comfort while having dental treatments. In our practice, we provide oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. You can talk to us at Alora Dentistry to know which option is best suited for you!


For more information about Special Needs Dentistry in Napa, CA, be sure to contact Alora Dentistry today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible dental health results.

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