When Should Your Child’s First Dental Visit Be Scheduled?

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Your child’s dental care is crucial for ensuring that their smile stays healthy and helps to set them up for a lifetime commitment to their oral health. At-home care is just as important as professional checkups.

Your child’s first dental visit should be within six months after their first tooth erupts, or by the age of one. At the absolute latest, your child should see a dentist by the time all of their baby teeth have come in (which is normally around the age of four.)

What Will Happen During Your Child’s Dental Visit?

During your child’s dental visit, one of our hygienists will clean and polish their teeth to remove any plaque and tartar buildup that their toothbrush left behind.

Baby teeth play a significant role in the development of permanent teeth, the outcome of your child’s facial structure, and their ability to speak properly. Therefore, our dentist will always check for developmental issues that may be occurring within your child’s mouth. If the teeth aren’t doing what they’re indented to, we can intervene and help guide them in the right direction.

During the visit, our dentist will also check for tooth decay, chips, breaks, or other trauma within the mouth. While we try to avoid dental procedures in children as much as possible, sometimes treatments can’t be avoided. A couple of “pictures” (X-rays) might also be taken if your child is cooperative. We’ll work at their own pace!

Children’s Dentist in Napa, California

The dentists and staff of Alora Dentistry in Napa, California look forward to seeing you and your child for all your family’s dental care needs. If your little one has never seen the dentist, then give us a call today to schedule their first visit.

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