Chipped Tooth Repair

Our Napa dentist is the top choice for chipped tooth repair.

Your teeth are designed to endure remarkable amounts of pressure through everyday dental function. However, they are not invincible. Teeth can crack, chip or break during accidental trauma or when they are weakened from progressive decay. Fortunately, there are many options to repair a fractured tooth. At Alora Dentistry, as a part of our general dental care, we are proud to offer excellence when it comes to chipped tooth repair in Napa Valley.

Whether you are a child or an adult, a chipped tooth can be a major disruption. Not only can it pose a threat to your smile aesthetics, but the sharp edges can also irritate your cheek or tongue. Most importantly, a fractured tooth is also in danger of decay, infection and other issues related to your dental health. Even if your chipped tooth is not causing pain or sensitivity, it needs to be restored back to its original strength and integrity.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

At Alora Dentistry, we offer a full menu of services to repair cracked or broken teeth. Depending on which tooth is affected and how extensive the damage is, we can recommend an effective, long-lasting solution. Most minor cracks and chips can be repaired with tooth-colored dental bonding. However, if the damage is large or penetrates the inner portion of the tooth, a root canal and/or custom crown may be used. Regardless of what your smile repair entails, you can trust us to carefully explain the procedure and help you feel comfortable at every step. Our office offers the most advanced restorative and cosmetic treatments as well as sedation dentistry.

Do you need cracked tooth repair for you or a member of your family in Napa Valley? Contact Alora Dentistry today. Not only do we have a talented team of dentists to restore your smile, but we offer emergency care, same day dentistry and extended hours. We want to ensure that you never have to wait for dental attention when you need it most.


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